I Love Upscale Wine - A Tignanello Super Tuscan Red

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Did you know? We've already talked about sur lie aging, so you're on your own for that one! But, did you know that the arid soil, warm days, and cool nights of Washington's Columbia Valley create the perfect climate for wine grape growing?

But here's where I think the movie falls short. They imply that Americans have simply been brainwashed by advertising into loving crappy beer. I don't think so. While that beer may not be high quality, Americans want to drink cheap, water-like beer. I don't say that as an insult to my fellow patriots. Just like wine, some people are interested in having a $25 bordeaux from France and some just want to chug Franzia. American tradition is to chug Franzia, for better or worse.

If it's not flyable, there's loads to do, from going on a wine tour in the Franschhoek and Sir Lowry's Pass area, whalewatching/sharkdiving in Hermanus, babe-watching on Clifton Beach (below Lion's Head), or just wandering around the city and the Waterfront.

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But that is beside the point, which is that the old model is done for. I feel like such an old ninny crabbing about things back in the day. There is room, however, for outrage and dismay over the demise of an informed populace. I may be an ostrich for thinking people are informed while newspapers still exist--does anyone ever read them, anyway? But it is a necessity in a democracy, and quite frankly, there are none touched less by compromise than newspapers. There are simply more standards and fewer constraints for unpopular news at newspapers.

Malbec - This type has originated from South West France. It is said that Malbec is named after a Hungarian peasant who had first spread the grape type in France. Its rich taste makes this wine a much sought after amongst people all around the world. The wine comes in an inky dark color.

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